The Blades Edge

Company History

How our Lawn Mowing Company Grew

The Blades Edge was originally inspired by the work of founder, Jim Mealey's son in the early 1980s. At age eleven, Jim's son concentrated on mowing a single lawn. As the workload began to multiply, Jim assisted in his son's efforts and they ultimately formed The Blades Edge. Founded on family values and friendly customer care, The Blades Edge evolved into a comprehensive lawn mowing business.

Jim took over the operations as his son focused his efforts into another business. In 2013 Jim found himself struggling with some health concerns and was not able to focus all of his efforts on the business anymore. Dustin Davis from Metro West Lawn & Landscape decided to buy the business from Jim and try to take it to the next level.

2014 will be our first season to offer a comprehensive product offering to our customers, including weekly mowing, fertilization, bush trimming, weed control, mulch, leaf removal & vacuuming, aeration & over seeding, de-thatching, soil testing, rock, dirt, and full service landscaping.

We are excited about the transition and hope to add snow removal in future years. Feel free to Contact Us and we'll readily answer your requests!

For our professional lawn mowing service, please call us at 314-961-1987.